Cheese "Creamy" from the women Shura

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This very tasty home-made cheese, which is about 15 -20 minutes, did the sister of my grandmother - Baba Shura. As a child I loved to visit at her house - she baked delicious pies with cherry and pozdnikova, and I asked her to cook your favorite cheese. In memory of dear Baba Shura, which is no longer with us, I want to share this recipe.

Ingredients for Cheese "Creamy" from the women Shura

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese "Creamy" from the women Shura

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To get good cheese, the cheese should be dry and not greasy.
Put it in milk cheese and heat to a boil and cook 7-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. If the cheese was not oily and dry, he immediately begins to slightly melt and a little stretch.

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Ready weight drain in a colander, the laid gauze. Drain off the liquid. To the touch the mass will be similar to the soft liquid clay. With this boiled cottage cheese fluid drains 2-3 minutes. In order to speed up the process, can be a lot of squeeze with hands.

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In a separate bowl with a thick bottom, but not enameled, put stecchi cheese, eggs, butter, salt, soda and mix everything thoroughly with your hands.

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Serum remaining after cooking, do not pour - it is possible to bake delicious pancakes.
Very gentle cream cheese.

Bon appetit!