Pilaf with almonds

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Delicious risotto, though quite non-traditional composition. And again in the book of Stalik. Well, very tasty, and very beautiful!

Ingredients for Pilaf with almonds

Step by step instruction of cooking Pilaf with almonds

Шаг 1

Well, start preparing.
The rice to soak for 6-8 hours. Almonds in the shell fry until a pleasant smell in a dry frying pan to clean up (it turns out about a Cup of kernels). I as the person lazy, bought shelled almonds Uzbeks :-[ . Further, it should be soaked for half an hour in boiling water and then peel. Clean neatly, that the nucleoli are not broke - so beautiful. And soak the sultanas, previously it is exhausting and cleaned from sticks.

Шаг 2

Carrots cut into strips. Red - ordinary strips on rice, the cross-section of approximately 3*3 mm Yellow - slightly larger, approximately 4*4 mm. yellow If not, then 300 g of red carrots cut larger,and the rest - as mentioned above. Onions cut into rings (I - semirings, I feel so comfortable)

Шаг 3

Well, not me, of course...But I run *JOKINGLY* . This time even the meat itself cut - cubes about 2.5*2.5 cm

Шаг 4

And all preparation is finished.
Heated cauldron, not very much, on medium heat. Fat vytaplivaete,if any. Skwarecki should be blonde, but crispy. If there is no fat - heated oil. I have this time no fat was not, no olive oil. Anything, and corn is very successfully entered....

Шаг 5

The oil is slightly heated up again - drop in Kazan meat. A couple of times we turn to prihvatili

Шаг 6

And add yellow carrots. Well, I have coarsely chopped the red.

Шаг 7

As the process goes on the fire "slightly below average", the meat now begin to release juices. To prevent this, pour a spoonful of sugar.

Шаг 8

When all this splendor will start to smell cooked rice, pour the rest of the carrots. And stew it on the same medium heat

Шаг 9

Making sure the carrots were braised, but not falling apart. Pilaf smells throughout the apartment and in the hallway. Take the Uzbek cumin, RUB the palms, sprinkle it our zirvak.

Шаг 10

Still, the Uzbek cumin smells sharper, in my opinion... Fill it all with water, bring to a boil, reduce fire, sprinkling over the sultanas. Boil all this slowly 1.5 hours

Шаг 11

Rice wash as usual, blissfully. Add a little fire, add salt, lay the rice.

Шаг 12

Fill with boiling water, wait until will be the oil. Be careful with the water, better then add. Cover the rice has cm by 1.5. When the oil will perform, put almonds. How would "bury" it in rice, but shallow. Wait until the water goes from the surface of the rice, sprinkle with cumin. this time you can take bright, Indian (Iranian) cumin

Шаг 13

When the rice is cooked half,and at the bottom there is still water, diminish the heat to medium, close the cauldron as tightly as possible, and leave for 40 minutes. Open, gently remove the top layer of almonds, cumin and a bit of rice, stir, spread on a dish, top to decorate with the pending upper layer. Served to the table... In my memory, it was the only rice, which is eaten WHOLE! No crumbs left on the "polegate"