Bread "Flavored piece"

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Offer the recipe is delicious and aromatic glebchik. Why this name? It's very simple, the bread is formed so that it is possible to break off small pieces and eat.

Ingredients for Bread "Flavored piece"

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread "Flavored piece"

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So, knead yeast dough. I did it in the bread maker.(dough mode). Immediately after the end of the cycle, the dough from me and came over. The recipe does not matter. You can take the dough recipe. which you know, and often do. I took the recipe for simple white bread from his book recipes for HP.

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Then take out the dough on the table, to press down it and shape it in small rolls (size and number do not matter).

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Now prepare our "explosive mixture" :-D :-D :-D . Melt the butter and add some herbs, crushed garlic and a little shabby cheese. The mixture should be redcoat.

Шаг 4

Now, take each muffin and dip into our mix.....

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.... put in a greased form(the form can take any) sort of staggered. The number of rows may be different ( I got two). Each layer is also to miss the mark of our mixture.
When all is laid to cover with a towel and allow to rise.

Шаг 6

Bake at t 180* until tender ( about I hour). On the bottom of the oven I put a pan of water.

Шаг 7

Here is a breakdown, if I may say so. Because this bread is not cut and break off those buns that we laid out.