Cake Duet

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Cheese cake-souffle with white and dark chocolate. The original recipe on the Good food website. I did a small portion, so the souffle layers turned out thin, and generally I just learn to make friends with these cakes, so do not judge strictly

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Biscuit. Beat eggs with sugar to a froth, stir in the flour, cocoa and baking powder. I added rum flavoring. Bake for 13-17 minutes at 200 degrees.

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White souffle. 5g of gelatine to soak in 1.5 tbsp of water. White chocolate dissolve in 1/8 Cup. milk. Cottage cheese (150g) and sour cream (100g) mix in blender, then add chocolate and condensed milk (about 100g, but be guided by taste). Gelatin put in a bowl of boiling water, dissolve it and add in cheese and chocolate. All beat up. Pour souffle cake and put in refrigerator until firm

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Dark souffle. In a similar way. In the 1/8 Cup. milk to dissolve the dark chocolate and 5 g of gelatin 15, tbsp water. Beat 250g of cottage cheese, 150g sour cream, and condensed milk, add the chocolate and gelatine (dissolved).Pour the white on top of the souffle and place in refrigerator to congeal. Bon appetit!