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Bread for tea "Poppy joy"

Bread for tea

Baked this bread by hand, but when there was a bread maker, use it for the dough. You, my dear, you can cook it this way and that. Its taste is incomparable!

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Ingredients for Bread for tea "Poppy joy"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Bread for tea "Poppy joy"

Step 1

All the ingredients for the dough put in the bread machine pan in order.Put the "Dough" and forget about it until the signal beeper.

Step 2

In a saucepan,put the Mack, sugar,milk stir and put on medium heat.All proverjaem until thick,stirring occasionally.Ready?Allow to cool a little stuffing.

Step 3

The dough is ready?Get it on a surface dusted with flour.Divide into desired number of pieces and roll out strips the length of your shape,of a width of 15 cm.On one side put the filling in length.

Step 4

And roll the filling in the middle of the roll.So.

Step 5

Put in roll form.Next the following.

Step 6

And the third one in the middle on top.So.

Step 7

Or so two rolls of the lower layer.

Step 8

And two rolls of upper layer.

Step 9

Give our bread to come 20-30 minutes.But, in the meantime, heat the oven to 180*C. after proofing, put our bread in the oven.And very soon you will have here is a "Poppy joy"!

Step 10

And this bread is in the cut!

TIP: after baking the bread, spread the crust with milk.