Freeze bread as a storage option

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Decided to share with you in this way bread storage, and long storage. I heard about this method long time ago, but skeptical towards him. Before I had, and forced, to resort to it. In the summer, almost a day before leaving on vacation, we brought a bag of bread. And this is no joke, there were 10 loaves of different sizes. Help, what to do!!! The day we do not eat. Naturally half, and most were distributed to the neighbors, one loaf we ate, one decided to bring. But all the same remained three pieces. And I have already decided to experiment with freezing... we Arrived within three weeks, of course the house ball roll. Came the hour for frozen bread. And, you know, I was not disappointed. What the bread turned out delicious, it's unbelievable!!!. Decided to reset this option in recipes, but not the forum and not blog. Because the forums and dnevneki visit not all.

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So, I froze the bread with prunes. The most important thing at this stage - WELL its packaging to frost from the freezer got less bread. I usually wrap in several packages. But can be well wrapped up in cling film. And put in the freezer for any time.

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Now we needed bread. We take out, remove the bags or film. In the photo I tried to show that it is solid, and it shows a bit of frost from the freezer.

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Now we just need bread to hold in the steam bath. I do it in a double boiler. Put first for 15-20 minutes, after trying with a knife, if the inside of the bread is thawed, it will be heard. And put the steamer for another 15 minutes. If no steamer can be a "bath" to do in a pan or the oven (the bread then sprinkle a little water on the bottom of the oven put the pan with water)