Salad "Young, hard"

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Many dishes use walnuts, but young, tender, slightly sweet walnuts in recipes never met, though confident that their love. Once I tried add a handful of these nuts to the salad and loved it, now none of the salad is not complete without these nuts.

Ingredients for Salad "Young, hard"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Young, hard"

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The most important thing is to clean the nuts, the process is a bit lengthy, especially when someone is sneaking around and trying to grab a bit. Beat all the hands and try to Polish a lot of nuts.

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Then everything is much simpler: vegetables cut into arbitrary pieces.

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Mix, season who loves (in this case sour cream) and serve.

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Here - shrimp, cheese, pepper, cucumber, corn and young nut.

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Here - mussels, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and all those nuts.
Try any salad, these nuts lend a certain piquancy. You will like it!