Almost pita bread or tortilla

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These scones are structurally very similar to Armenian lavash or Mexican tortillas! Of course, Armenian lavash at home to cook not because you need a special technology and furnace, and they must be fresh (water and flour), and Mexican tortillas – tortillas. But they are so similar. ... Try to cook is not difficult! Soft, elastic, won't crack - well, right, pita....

Ingredients for Almost pita bread or tortilla

Step by step instruction of cooking Almost pita bread or tortilla

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To prepare the ingredients for the recipe.

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The yogurt slightly warm to warm (room) condition (do not overheat to hot!).

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Remove the dough in a warm place for 30 minutes, cover with a towel.
Punch down dough again. Cutting off a piece, roll the dough into a small pellet with a thickness of about 1 mm (the thinner, the better).

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Bake on a dry! frying pan over high heat.

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Baked very quickly, for 10 seconds on both sides (if you roll thinly enough, bake for another 5-10 seconds).

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Our cakes are ready!

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