Chicken cakes

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Frankly, I wanted to bake in the oven easy chicken cutlets, but the stuffing turned out watery and mold them already was not enough time. The result was something delicious and unusual simple cakes.

Ingredients for Chicken cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken cakes

Шаг 1

For meat - chicken breast, ground,
rubbed on a medium grater zucchini and onion,
added egg, salt, spices, herbs and messed it up.
The stuffing turned out watery, you can sculpt the cake would be difficult. You can, of course, add a loaf of bread or semolina, but the time before lunch was quite bare, so all the stuffing was shifted in a baking dish.

Шаг 2

Quickly fry the mushrooms with onions and put to the stuffing.

Шаг 3

While the fried mushrooms, made the filling - beat egg, add sour cream, milk, starch, salt, spices and pour over the mushrooms,
from the top you can sprinkle cheese.

Шаг 4

Cut into portions and serve.
The portion was pretty big, we are still on the second day had finished. I can say that is delicious in hot or cold.