Belish classic

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It is a traditional national dish in Tatarstan. This pie is cooked in almost every family both on holidays and weekdays.

for New Yearfor birthday

Ingredients for Belish classic

Step by step instruction of cooking Belish classic

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Prepare the filling-cut into small cubes meat,onions,potatoes and bacon(on a grater), Add salt, pepper.

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For the dough, combine the yogurt,softened margarine(or butter),sour cream,egg,a pinch of salt.Add flour(approximately 2 cups, so the dough was like ravioli)Roll out 2/3 of dough and spread in greased deep form.Put on top of the filling.

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The rest of the dough to roll out,put on top of filling and seal the edges.In the middle of the cake it is necessary to make a hole with the lid(there we will pour the broth)

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Put in preheated oven on medium heat and 20 minutes later,when the cake"grab",pour it 1/3 Cup of broth or water,cover with a lid.Bake for approximately 1.5 hours,but occasionally pour all the broth.Fire is better to do less.The longer the pie is stewed,the better.If the top is too browned-cover the pie with foil or parchment.The willingness of cake to check out easily through the hole.

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Have cooked BelISA in Tatarstan traditionally cut off the top and then cut,and the top crust served separately.Bon appetit!