Salad "Shaggy"

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So this salad is called my son, when I first saw it. Indeed, the salad looks slightly ragged-shaggy... On the website I was looking for a salad, found many with similar ingredients, but did not see it. It was possible, would it still be called "first come, first serve!", due to the fact that it is eaten too quickly, how it may prepare... Very tasty too always work. And always looking in the empty bowl, I think that the next time you need to cook more...

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Ingredients for Salad "Shaggy"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Shaggy"

Шаг 1

Julienne sliced oyster mushrooms, onion cut into fairly large pieces. Fry them together in a small amount of vegetable oil to "Golden".

Шаг 2

Cucumbers cut into thin strips. Do not RUB! Differently from them, all the juice runs out, and they will no...
Eggs and walnuts are rubbed on a fine grater.