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Cat of mastic

Cat of mastic

This cat I molded fondant to decorate cake "Again deuce". It is not difficult, and I think that this cat will delight Your kids!!!

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Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cat of mastic

Step 1

Preparation of mastic is not just described on the website, so I will not elaborate on this, and the recipe can be found here - https://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/4421/.
Take a piece of mastic, which have been added cocoa

Step 2

and vyleplivat the body of the cat.

Step 3

Now we need to sculpt the paws. For this of small pieces of mastic vyleplivat elongated figures and rounds them with one hand. White mastic make small balls and attach them with water, by the rounded parts of the "feet".

Step 4

On the waiting lugs. Brown mastic do the triangles, and pink - the same triangles, only smaller. Then a pink triangle attached to a brown, slightly moistened with water.

Step 5

Make the face of the brown mastic, and white as shown in the photo. Nose sculpt from the pink putty and glue on the white part of the muzzle. Of small pieces of white mastic do eyes, and brown pupils. Pupils can be made from green putty.

Step 6

Attachable lugs, also with water.

Step 7

The last step will be the fabrication of the tail. Brown mastic vyleplivat sausage with a sophisticated end to which we glue the white piece of mastic. The tail is attached to the calf, propping it with foil.

Step 8

When mastic is dry, you can use the cat for decorating cakes!