Pies with potato "Specie"

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We are leaving on Saturday for 2 weeks - that was a task: to conduct an audit of the refrigerator and other places of food storage so that nothing is corrupted or missing. Scratched the bottom of the barrel... Pulled into the light of a number of perishable (and not) products. Here, I thought - and how to use? And you ask yourself, how appear all new and new recipes, sit, I suppose, in the laboratory, scientists invent things or so - spontaneously opened the fridge... and suffered!

Ingredients for Pies with potato "Specie"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pies with potato "Specie"

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Prepared two ways - 1. form (in this case, "Soviet" miracle oven) thinly smeared with fat, and baked after proofing in the oven;

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- 2. in a frying pan warmed up a little fat and over medium heat roast the patties under the lid

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Most IMPORTANT: the finished cakes fold in a large pot and cover.
Cakes soaked own spirit and juice will be very tender, despite the fact that the dough is very fresh ("bread"!) and used very little fat!
One word - focus the fakir was a success! Husband 2 days ate only pies! Observes, though the figure could not stop...

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Yes, pies in the "miracle stove" smeared a little melted butter...