Cream cheese "cream cheese"

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If it is not possible to buy cheese "cream cheese", does not matter, it can be done at home. I offer this recipe. Tried different ways to reach a certain resemblance to the original cheese "cream cheese" and made your recipe. By trial and error, I realized that this is the optimal cheese sour cream with 20 % fat. That is, only with that percentage stands out well serum, therefore, ultimately, the real cream cheese "cream cheese". Try it, you won't regret it! The price is not so "biting". Minimum effort and what a result!

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Ingredients for Cream cheese "cream cheese"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cream cheese "cream cheese"

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To prepare sour cream and cheesecloth, better in the 4th layer.

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Pour the sour cream, strike up the gauze knot and hang to drain the whey.

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Better for a day (as soon as I stop dripping whey can be removed). To deploy a gauze, to get the cheese and put into the refrigerator until cool (in the freezer not to put!)

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Two hours later, the cream cheese "cream cheese" ready!

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