Custard milky yogurty pancakes

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I think on the website each family has its favorite recipe of pancakes... me too... good old, time-tested... was... until recently not tried these... and just fell in love))) for all... the Structure is slightly different from the usual thin pancakes bubble that I used to fry... So try and if you have yet your favorite recipe... I highly recommend to try this!!!

Ingredients for Custard milky yogurty pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Custard milky yogurty pancakes

Шаг 1

Eggs with whisk lightly whisk with sugar and salt.

Шаг 2

Pour in the milk. Stir.

Шаг 3

Add the yoghurt. A little whisk.

Шаг 4

Add flour. Stir until smooth.

The dough should get as sour cream, a little thick, so look at your flour, you may need to add a couple of spoons.

Шаг 5

Add the baking powder.
Not to stir!

Шаг 6

And add the boiling water.

Шаг 7

Here then is the process of steeping the dough... and also extinguished the baking powder.

Шаг 8

Heat the pan, grease with vegetable oil using a brush. Fry the pancakes on both sides over medium heat.
No need to make these pancakes thick, incomplete ladle is enough for frying pan 26 cm, pour the batter right into the middle and tilt the pan distribute the batter evenly.