Salad "Grenadier"

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This is a delicious layered salad with meat. Lovers of prunes. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Salad "Grenadier"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Grenadier"

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I must say that the number of products in the recipes of salads you never follow the put "eyes". Here I bring the recipe according to the author, but in reality, prepared to your taste.
So, cook the meat and vegetables. Grate the vegetables on a grater, and the meat we shall cut cubes (by the way, the author of all products cut with a knife, but I like the grater and sweeter taste and faster soaked) and start assembling the salad. The first layer is potatoes, top with mayonnaise.

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A second layer of carrots on top of the mayonnaise.

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Next - the meat and again mayonnaise.

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The next two layers I combined in one: grated beets mixed with chopped prunes and stack on the meat (original - layer of beets, then a layer of prunes). Then coat the entire salad with mayonnaise, decorate as desired and leave overnight in the refrigerator (preferably).

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I have in the fridge greenery was not had without it...

Bon appetit!