Soup or Salad?

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"Anything a miss? Something light? That will not ruin your figure? Yes, you are right, today's so hot, so something easy! Soup or salad?" - ask me the owner of a small restaurant in Sicily and pouring into the misted glass of light dry wine. No matter what I choose, it was seafood. If the soup is a huge bowl of the freshest mussels, prawns, shells, towering hill above the broth, which was boiling. If the salad is a huge flat plate with the same, Frutti di Mare, herbs, spices... And all this with olive oil, fresh lemon, Basil and sea views. Want a piece of Sicily? So what do you want, ladies and gentlemen?

for Lent

Ingredients for Soup or Salad?

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup or Salad?

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Cut everything has to be thin. In the soup the vegetables should remain almost fresh, but to give the broth its flavor and aroma! They have different density, and in the soup they will go one by one, so as not to be boiled rag. And besides, you and I have little time now to burst the hungry hordes of family and friends! So the vegetables are not mixed, and spread in neat piles. And cut!
So we cut leek in thin rings.

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Here you cut the pepper, removing from it the seeds and partitions.

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Interrupts the Basil leaves, remove hard stems of coriander and cut this and other your favorite herbs very finely. Today I have parsley. Very well "sounds like" dill. On a fine grater grate the garlic. It is possible and through the press, but I think grated garlic make smaller and more uniform. Put it all on one plate or dish is in the soup it will go at the same time. Smell that?
So we all cut up is not long. And put it all anywhere near the plate.

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During this time we warmed up the stove and boiled the kettle. We open the package with seafood, tosses them in a colander, very quickly opolaskivaniem, pour into a saucepan. Fill with boiling water somewhere just above half. If it is with ice. When melted, then they water and add. If they are "dry" freezing, water topped up so that their CHT-a little veil. So, roughly

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And put the saucepan on the stove with a strong fire. Add seasoning for fish or seafood that you love. Do not go anywhere - our seafood must not boil, only boil! Boiled? Here it is - the moment of truth! So you decided - soup or salad? In the case of the salad, everything is simple - recline in a colander, and let them get cool. Mix with chopped vegetables and herbs. Mix the dressing: two tablespoons of olive oil, tablespoon lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic to taste. The garlic does not insist, but strongly recommend, if you, certainly not at work and not on a date. The result is this:

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And what I actually wrote all this?! The fact is that while Ira Oolitic on vacation and does not hold in the "Cook" its shamelessly delicious puddings and pies, Lena and II decided to lose weight! And this soup is very that helps. Oh, I can now brag! Dacus Monday, soup on the menu every day, as a separate meal, lost pounds with a ponytail! So-highly recommended! Quick, tasty and healthy!