Beans country-style potatoes

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Flavorful beans with smoked sausage. A great hearty dish on a cold autumn evening. Help yourself!

Ingredients for Beans country-style potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Beans country-style potatoes

Шаг 1

Sausage and bacon

Шаг 2

beans boil until tender

Шаг 3

Potatoes cut into 2-3 pieces and fry in sunflower oil over high heat until soft

Шаг 4

sausage cut into

Шаг 5

tomato grate

Шаг 6

sweet pepper and sharp cut

Шаг 7

carrots cut into kruzhalami

Шаг 8

bacon cut into cubes, fry in it the onion,
add the chopped mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes.
Simmer, add fried potatoes, peppers, boiled beans,

Шаг 9

Simmer for about 10 minutes.
Add sour cream, garlic.
Fill with water, bring to a boil, add salt.
Greens and Laurel added at the end of cooking.

To the finished dish served with croutons: stale bread cut into small pieces, add a drop of sunflower oil and fry on very low heat or in the oven. Before the end add the crushed garlic

Шаг 10

The density of the food depends on what you love - or as a soup, or as the second.
The aroma and the taste is incomparable! Such fasolka is not a sin and 50 grams to drink!

Bon appetit!