Rice original

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The originality of this dish is that originally I wanted to make duckies. But somehow hands did not agree to cook is ordinary and everyone already overexposed dish. So I decided to withdraw from the course and have here a rice.

Ingredients for Rice original

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice original

Шаг 1

then a ball of rice on top I sprinkled with paprika,pepper,and lightly salted

Шаг 2

then the balloon pepper

Шаг 3

half the mixture will return.A jar in my refrigerator are always available,often helps

Шаг 4

layer of minced meat

Шаг 5

then I laid on top of the remains of pepper, rice,bean mixture and top with carrot

Шаг 6

covered all of the greens in the oven.But before that, mixed a little more than a half-Cup of hot water with soy sauce - 1 tablespoon and poured in the rice.