Chocolate banana "for our services"

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Don't know whether you'll like this idea, but the kids will definitely be delighted! This is a very simple, quick, but no less delicious dessert.

Ingredients for Chocolate banana "for our services"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate banana "for our services"

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Prepare regular batter for thin pancakes.
300 ml milk, beat in a blender with the eggs, 2 tbsp sugar and a pinch of salt. Add sunflower oil and stir. Gradually add flour until until the dough will not be like liquid sour cream. The amount of flour do not indicate intentionally, as all of them will succeed in different ways.

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The rest is mixed with chopped walnuts (peanuts are also very tasty!).

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Ready pancake spread a little diced bananas. Sometimes I like to securelysealed them slightly in a saucepan, but this is not necessary.

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Spread on top of chocolate-nut mass.

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Wrap in the form of our services and to "shove" the edge of the previously stockpiled chocolate Fudge. All! You get to sign it!