Salmon steak "Butterfly"

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Very easy to prepare as and in the "use" dish. The main thing - the fish must be very fresh!

Ingredients for Salmon steak "Butterfly"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salmon steak "Butterfly"

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Salmon fillet cut with a sharp knife into 2 equal parts. Then each of the resulting parts be divided into 2 parts, but the skin in the middle of the fillet cut. If the fish have bones to remove them.
To prepare the marinade. To do this, mix the orange juice with lemon juice, cane sugar and chili pepper. Immerse in the marinade the steaks and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then open the fillet pieces "like a book" - get the "butterfly". Fry the butterflies in a hot pan with olive oil and salt for 1 minute on each side. Decorate the finished steaks with olives and onions.
Feeding this fish is best with white wine.
Bon appétit!