Cake "First love"

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"School time. And under any weather has gone to hell, we in the courts"... This recipe, we composed a teacher of Russian language and literature. Now, on the eve of the holiday, I have another reason to thank her for her patience, unconditional acceptance, approval. Because with her I always felt valuable and meaningful. Reverent gratitude I feel when I remember that she organized literary evenings in their spare time. And she is no pay. Her desire was for her a necessary and sufficient motivation. The desire to introduce us to lines of Akhmatova and Sasha Cherny, tell the story of Esenin and to acquaint us with the works of Goethe and Remarque. It was not in the program. But she was in a hurry to share with us their favorite works. And with them his soul. In one of these evenings and was born next masterpiece. And became a legitimate favorite. School time... We often baked Apple pie. All were then the gardens-vegetable gardens, where grew many apples. And let someone tell them it's a commonplace, but the taste of this still seems magical. The taste of youth. Dreams. The time you all fibers of soul feel his omnipotence. When the sea knee-deep, and mountains on the shoulder. And spice to dessert, we have attached added to the dough walnuts. While the marshmallows we could afford in exceptional cases. And it ate a bit of sugar, half each... Subsequently, I have linked together two of your favorite children's treats. And here was such a modification.

Ingredients for Cake "First love"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "First love"

Шаг 1

Apples wash, peel, cut in half, remove core, cut into flat plates.

Knead the dough. Separately, beat 3 egg yolks, RUB with a glass of sugar, add 1 Cup of flour and whipped in a cool foam 3 protein with a pinch of salt. Beat in 1 teaspoon of slaked vinegar soda. Add vanilla at the tip of the knife, previously dissolved in 1 tsp. of rum. Optionally, you can add a bit of sour cream, semolina and/or cheese. I add walnuts.

In form, greased and sprinkled with semolina, put the apples, sprinkle them with cinnamon, pour the dough, put it in the oven. As they brown and rise, not to burn, cover the top with foil.

While baking, the hot knife cut the marshmallows in half.

Prepare the cream of 1 Cup of thick cream and sugar to taste.

On specsize, cooled cake spread part of cream, half marshmallow.

Шаг 2

Pour remnants of cream.

Шаг 3

From above pour glaze made of butter, milk, sugar and cocoa.

You can replace the apples for pears or even melon. That someone nicer.

If desired, sides can be decorated with halves of marshmallows.

Шаг 4

Divide equally and Bon appetit.