Jam of chokeberry with apples

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This jam made for the first time. Found the recipe in the Internet ( can't remember which site)But thanks a lot!! Very I liked it, so I decided to share this recipe with you. Jam jelly turns a beautiful red color, and the cinnamon gives a spicy taste.

Ingredients for Jam of chokeberry with apples

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam of chokeberry with apples

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Rowan berries are washed, and down for 3-5 minutes in boiling water, then cool in cold water. I did it using the colander.

Шаг 2

In the cooking utensils to boil the syrup from 2 tbsp. of water and 500 gr. sugar. This syrup give chernoplodku berries, bring to boil and boil for 3-4 min.
To put our berries for 8 hours.

Шаг 3

Then apples cut into small slices and put in boiling water for 8-10 min razvarivaya them.

Шаг 4

After 8 hours chernoplodku put on fire, bring to a boil, add 1 kg of sugar. In about 15-20 min. until cooked syrup put apples and cook all together until thick syrup.

Шаг 5

Hot jam I laid out on the Bank and rolled up covers.