Cake "Honey Apple-Cranberry"

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The beauty of this cake is not so much in stuffing, as in the characteristics of the dough... the Baking of such dough comes out surprisingly delicious!!!

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Ingredients for Cake "Honey Apple-Cranberry"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Honey Apple-Cranberry"

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In our family, gentle, or rather Holy, attitude to bread is deposited probably at the genetic level... the Hungry Thirties, the war and postwar years, gone through my parents... Their memories of childhood, when in the sixties, my six-year-old boy was lifted at 5 a.m. and put in a bread line, and I stood in the queue until 12 noon to get your floors loaf of white bread... every family remains stale bread or stale loaf, cut stale bread into thin slices and dry crackers... the crackers are lightly brown in the oven sort by varieties of bread, white crackers (baguette, loaf, white bread), preferably smaller grind and make batter of them, as follows: hop Cones, 1 Cup (if it does not grow near you, it can be purchased at any pharmacy) to fall asleep in a thermos and pour two cups of boiling milk, let stand часа3-4, strain the milk. To "melenoma" milk add 2 cups milk, 4 cups flour, 100-150 grams of baking live yeast, or dry based on 1 kg flour, 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, give a couple hours to come the dough (2 hours is the optimum time for the process of reproduction of yeast bacteria). In approaching the dough pour 300-400 grams of ground dried bread and a Cup of flour give everything a good stir and let stand for another couple of hours, during this time, the crackers will absorb most of the moisture, and if approached the dough came out a little watery, add flour after I added the flour and Vymetal the dough, let it stand for a couple of hours. Approaching the dough has an amazing heady smell of hops and toasted croutons. Cut the right piece of dough and roll out thin flatbread with a thickness of 3-5 mm.

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Cover the rolled out dough layer the bottom and sides, coated with vegetable oil deep frying pan, or shape with a height of 5-6 cm.

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Roll out a layer of dough the size of the top of the pie, make a hole in it with a diameter of 1cm. All of this should be prepared before the mixing of the components of the future of toppings

Шаг 4

Finely chopped apples fill 1 Cup corn or potato starch, pour it with 2 cups of honey, quickly stir so that the apples did not have time to let your juice, and stuffed with our pie. Distribute the cranberries over the apples, but do not overdo it, it is advisable to get one cranberry per 1 square centimeter.

Шаг 5

Quickly cover with top layer of pie dough.

Шаг 6

Samasem connect the two layers of dough braid.

Шаг 7

1 egg a good whisk ...

Шаг 8

Brush a coat of egg pie...

Шаг 9

Liberally sprinkle top of cake with sesame and someone like you nuts...

Шаг 10

We put our pie in a preheated 180-200 degree oven for 40-50 minutes...

Шаг 11

Turned out the test so that was enough for a second pie and cakes with cranberries and mashed potatoes... From a traditional Sunday pancakes for Tiffany, had to be abandoned until the next weekend...