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Varenets home

Varenets home

Offer the recipe is very useful product. Remember, once upon a time, in stores that sold this yummy. So I decided to experiment. It was very similar, and there are no preservatives and this makes it even more attractive. Well, of course, no secret was not. In General, if you're interested - go.

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Step 1

So, for the preparation of varenets we need baked milk.So, we are going to do in the first place.Bring the milk to boil and pour hot into a thermos with a glass flask, steel flasks are not suitable as over time lose temperature.To leave somewhere for 10-12 hours.The advantage of this method is that the amount of milk this treatment is not reduced, unlike cooking in the oven.

Step 2

Then after the time needed( milk must be cream color) pour it into any dishes for it to cool slightly.Meanwhile, prepare the banks in which we ferment and dry them.Milk should be cooled to a temperature of 35-40°.At the bottom of the jars, put the yogurt, pour the milk and stir, close tightly.And wrap it up with something warm( I wrap the blanket).In about 3 hours start to look when the content thickens varenets ready.Do not overdo otherwise yummy otskochet serum and becomes acidic.
Bon appetit!