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Almond cake with peaches

Almond cake with peaches

Air meringue with almonds, coffee cream and fragrant peaches - what else is needed for happiness...

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Ingredients for Almond cake with peaches

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Almond cake with peaches

Step 1

Three trays lay lightly oiled parchment.For convenience, the reverse side of the pre-draw circles on the size of the future cake.We spread our mixture,being careful not to go beyond the drawn circles.Place all three baking trays in the oven preheated to 100-110 degrees.To be baked,or rather dried,the cakes will be an hour and a half.During this time,it is necessary to periodically rearrange them so that the cakes were dry evenly.When our protein the dough will become completely dry,remove from the oven and allow to cool,preferably on wire rack.Then trim and remove the paper.If it is sometimes poorly separated,lightly wetted it and sent for a few seconds in a hot oven.

Step 2

For the cream boil 0,5 stack.milk.While it boils,whisk 5 egg yolks with the remaining sugar.Pour in the mixture boiling milk,stirring constantly and put again on fire.

Step 3

On slow fire cook our mixture until thick,with no distractions,stirring constantly,to not burnt.When our mixture is quite stable to hold on to the spoon,remove from heat and let cool.If you did everything in good faith,hard lumps should not be.If this trouble still happen,then the mixture needs to drain.When it has cooled down,well, beat with a mixer until smooth.

Step 4

Softened butter whisk and gradually,little by little, pour it in the cooled and again whipped milky egg mixture,continuing to mix.At this stage you can add strong brewed coffee and cognac.However,who does not love can not do.Try...If the cream seems unsweetened,you can add powdered sugar.Divide the cream into two unequal parts.In a large add sliced peaches,and a lower reserve for coating the top and sides of cake.

Step 5

Trim the cakes * brush them with cream with peaches.Top cake and sides clean lubricated cream,sprinkle with nuts and sugar powder.The cake is ready!

Step 6

And this is the cake section.