Two-tone bread

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Here, I propose another delicious bread and an unusual formation of it. It's all from the same book "Recipes for the bread machine"

Ingredients for Two-tone bread

Step by step instruction of cooking Two-tone bread

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So, first of all knead the dough. In the book it said to knead the dough after dividing it into 2 parts and one add turmeric and paprika. But, for me, the dough turmeric and paprika are not good to intervene, but still not evenly. So what I did was I divided the ingredients (except turmeric and paprika) in half and kneaded the two pieces (or rather, not I, but the bread maker) separately. With only one difference that in one batch immediately added seasonings. If no stove, you can knead by hand. After kneading let the dough come. In the photo I have the dough already approached and oblate.

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Now take and roll out each piece into a long "sausages". And put a cross.

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Then take the ends of the lower "sausages" ( I have it white) and put them on the opposite side (seem, obviam color)

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Then doing the same procedure with a color "sausage".

Шаг 5

Again with the white...

Шаг 6

Again with colour, and so to the end.

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Now we have to get a harness.

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Put it in a form or Deco (oil) and allow to rise again. Before baking grease gently with milk and sprinkle with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

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Put in preheated oven t 180* AND BAKE for ABOUT an HOUR.
And this bread we have. To put it from the mold and allow to cool.

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Here it is in context.