Casserole meat

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Ingredients for Casserole meat

Step by step instruction of cooking Casserole meat

Шаг 1

Minced meat and onion mince, salt, pepper and fry in a pan without oil until almost cooked

Шаг 2

potato peel and fry in minimal amount of oil until soft, spread on the bottom of the pan in one layer

Шаг 3

pour all 1-2 eggs

Шаг 4

a bit of cold meat spread on top

Шаг 5

and another layer of potatoes,
pour the remaining beaten eggs,
put everything in the oven for 15 minutes at 200*C

Шаг 6

after 15 minutes take out and sprinkle with grated cheese
put another 5-7 minutes

Шаг 7

Everything is ready.

Bon appetit!

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