Rabbit in sour cream with mushrooms

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Don't even know to describe the taste of this dish. Guests said that it is possible to swallow your tongue. Turned out really tender meat with a rich taste. Just want to say that calorie. But this dish, my guests enjoyed it. I was very pleased to hear from them "m-m-m, how tasty!" and see how they are, with obvious pleasure, forgetting about manners and lick your fingers.

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Ingredients for Rabbit in sour cream with mushrooms

Step by step instruction of cooking Rabbit in sour cream with mushrooms

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1. With rabbit you need to cut the top white film, put in a bowl and cover with cold water with the juice of half a lemon and a sprig of rosemary. Leave for a few hours. ( this advice I have heard from many, and you need to marinate the cut pieces and whole carcass entirely.

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2. To get out of the water, cut into large pieces, no need to granulate

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3. Preheat the frying pan and oil, fry for 3-4 slightly crushed cloves of garlic, pull them, and then fry the pieces of rabbit. I did it in 2 hours. And you should not fry, but a little primarity to just rabbit absorbed the oil with the smell of garlic. And let places the meat is not even frozen. Put in the cauldron.

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4. In oil, where roasted rabbit fry the onion, cut into large half-rings. Again, not too much, and until leaving the pungency of onions and it will slightly change color. Pour it to the rabbit. Stir gently, sprinkle with salt, pepper, cover. Do not add water. Juice will be enough. Put 1 hour on a small fire to stew.

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5. At this time, the mushrooms clean, cut into 4 pieces. Not melkim. Otherwise, you will not feel. And here we must feel that here it is mushroom))) Spread on the preheated pan and wait until mushrooms give up liquid. Now you can just merge. Fry the mushrooms do not need. We all, that it took all the moisture. Salt quite a bit.

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6. In an hour we spread our rabbit JUICE, which was formed in the process of putting out into the pan for baking, pour the mushrooms, if possible gently stir.

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7. Sour cream mix with juice, which were stewed rabbit, add pepper, salt and optional seasoning for meat and pour the rabbit. Cover with a lid and put in preheated oven for about 1 hour

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8. After 1 hour everything is ready. The sauce was rich, thick, flavor is not transmitted. On the side I served potatoes, stewed with spices on a slow fire.

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9. Bon appetit. I hope you enjoy it and you will treat your friends and loved ones.