Shawarma "Male"

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Men's for two reasons: 1 - very nourishing 2 - had to cook a husband :). Grilled meat combined with fresh vegetables and all this joy in lavalike! M-m-m-m!!! yummy.

Ingredients for Shawarma "Male"

Step by step instruction of cooking Shawarma "Male"

Шаг 1

Meat is a little discourage (I have chicken thighs), smeared with mayonnaise and your favorite spices

Шаг 2

Strung on a skewer (or whatever the right that stick is called) alternating with slices of tomatoes

Шаг 3

And "on fire" 30 min.

Шаг 4

Take out, cut the edges and again in the oven. so a couple of times

Шаг 5

Lovasik (us large) cut in half. Three cheese, cabbage shinkuem, pepper and tomatoes - diced, cut the meat into small, zelenushka grind. Spread the filling on top of the mayonnaise

Шаг 6

Wrap in the oven to heat up

Шаг 7

To get. now you can have, especially because it is very difficult to resist :) :) :)