Salad of eggplant "fake mushrooms"

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I want to share 2 recipes for eggplant salad, perfect for meat on the grill, ordinary skewers and just grilled meat. Here is the first. Very simple, eaten at times. And for those who cooked the meat, opened the bottle, it is generally the most it. Why fake mushrooms, because many people think that seem to only give out seeds))) Sorry if there is a similar recipe, I haven't checked.

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Ingredients for Salad of eggplant "fake mushrooms"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of eggplant "fake mushrooms"

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For this salad it is best to take round eggplants, because they never taste bitter. (Regular long eggplant should be soaked in cold, salted water and then squeeze.)
So, round eggplant peel, cut into 4 pieces.

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Fill with cold water and cook for no more than 5-7 minutes. It is very important not to digest. Eggplant almost should not turn brown because otherwise it changes the taste and texture. The eggplant will fall apart and be mushy. Take out the eggplants from the boiling water, pour cold and let them cool

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The cooled eggplants cut into medium dice.

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Onion shinkuem thin semicircle. Add to taste pepper, salt, vinegar. Here the proportions depend on your personal addiction to spicy and sour. All mix well.

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Salad put into a jar and refrigerate for a few hours.

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Before serving, dressed with vegetable oil and chopped cilantro. It is better NOT to use olive because it gives the taste, and the best that the oil was without taste and smell.