Medallions of beef

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Tender medallions of beef stuffed with prunes and walnuts, with a delicate aroma of smoked bacon.

Ingredients for Medallions of beef

Step by step instruction of cooking Medallions of beef

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Prepare the products.Tenderloin trimmed from the film and cut 2 pieces for 75 grams. Do in pieces cuts in the form of pockets in the pocket put the prunes stuffed with walnuts. Formable in the form of cutlets,sprinkle with soy sauce and pepper potseluem.
wrap a strip of bacon.

Шаг 2

Potatoes cut into thick circles 50 grams each potseluem and fry, do the same thing with tomatoes.Our fry the medallions on both sides. Collect pyramids of potatoes, tomatoes,locket. Decorate according to your taste Bon appetit.