Cup "Girlish dreams"

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my dear cooks, I want to offer You an interesting drink, with a large kollichestvom juicy summer fruits with a refreshing hint of ripe autumn watermelon... with bright splashes of grapes... with a slight Apple tartness.. with gentle sweetness of peaches... all of it soaked with champagne.. liqueur.. brandy.. and Your girls ' night out.. or a cozy evening in a small company will be even better and more interesting... quick to cook... and so easy to impress your favorite guests..

Ingredients for Cup "Girlish dreams"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cup "Girlish dreams"

Шаг 1

cut the apples into wedges, put in a large bowl layer

Шаг 2

sprinkle with sugar

Шаг 3

now spread a layer of chopped slices of peaches, sprinkle with sugar

Шаг 4

grapes cut in half, laid in a bowl of peaches, sprinkle with remaining sugar, pour the brandy, liqueur and champagne 300ml, a good "push" the fruit to they are completely covered with cognac-liqueur mixture and sent to a couple of hours in the fridge

Шаг 5

with watermelon on one side cut a little of the peel horizontally, so he stood on a platter
on the other hand cut away the peel thicker and with a spoon take out the pulp, cut into pieces, seeds discarded

Шаг 6

after two hours removed from the refrigerator the bowl with the fruits connected with watermelon flesh and pour the rest of the champagne, fill the resulting mass "watermelon bowl", and the remaining cocktail can be temporarily returned to the refrigerator

Шаг 7

pour the cocktail ladle into wine glasses and enjoy a delicious drink with the "drunken" fruits, which are eaten with great pleasure the spoons:)

Шаг 8

PS if you want to get more drink, then you can add along with the remaining champagne and another bottle of wine or champagne..
A pleasant evening to You :)