Appetizer "For the moment"

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... it happens.. what seems to be breaking the table.. and all urge there... but like spice, some not enough.. something new.. easy... could be some interesting appetizer?... and that's how long ago I made this very lig snack that is cooked FOR a MINUTE, and decorates the table and the guests again and again asking to prepare her for any holiday:... tender pancakes and juicy lettuce.. the cubes gherkins and cheese... combined with a light noble sweetness of the grapes... just ... delicious... and very quickly

Ingredients for Appetizer "For the moment"

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer "For the moment"

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each pancake cut into 4 pieces, coat one side with mayonnaise or sour cream-mustard mixture, put on top of the lettuce leaf

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on a leaf of lettuce with one hand, spread half a cornichon and a block of cheese, a little mayonnaise or creamy mustard dressing

Шаг 3

and turning kites, fasten with skewers with grape

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Pleasant to You of appetite! :)