Honey-ginger cookies

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Finally found a recipe from quite ordinary products, and the taste just DELICIOUS...

Ingredients for Honey-ginger cookies

Step by step instruction of cooking Honey-ginger cookies

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To start, melt butter with honey over low heat

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While the honey butter is melting, grate on a fine grater ginger

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Then in the slightly cooled mixture add the ginger and egg

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I add this flour, it is already underway with the baking powder, but if it does not, can I have some add soda or baking powder, if there is

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Then gradually add the flour and make the dough so that a bit sticks to the hands, but you could roll a ball and flatten it.
I think the smaller they are, the more fun, but if no time, then it will go and the size of 5-7 cm.

And bake in the oven at 170*until such time as browned. I have a small oven turns mitute 4.

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Very suitable for coffee or milk, or both at once!