"Manti" out of the oven

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"Manti" out of the oven - this is a very rare and tasty dish. Cook it the Armenian immigrants. When I first read the recipe I must confess I was pleasantly surprised. I hope, dear Cooks you recipe like.

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Ingredients for "Manti" out of the oven

Step by step instruction of cooking "Manti" out of the oven

Шаг 1

Prepare dough from flour, eggs, salt and water.
Give it brew for about 20 minutes.

Шаг 2

For meat stuffing add finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and 2 tbsp of broth (the rest of the broth will come in handy later)

Шаг 3

Roll out the dough and cut it into 4 squares.5x4.5 see
In the middle of the square put the stuffing and stung the dough from both sides, giving the shape of"pumps".

Шаг 4

The result of such "pumps" dumplings. By the way, the smaller cut squares and dazzle "pumps" smaller then the dish will become even more interesting.

Шаг 5

Grease a baking dish with oil, place in it "pumps" and on top again to put the pieces of butter.

Шаг 6

Now the fun part: in a pre heated oven put the form and bake "pumps" until Golden brown.
Then carefully remove the pan and pour into it the chicken broth so that it covered the mantas.
To load again the form in the oven and leave until it is absorbed and evaporation of the liquid.

Шаг 7

And served with natural yoghurt with crushed garlic and sprinkle with red paprika (sweet or spicy). You can apply and with sour cream.