Dumpling "Experimental"

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Sometimes you want to diversify the already familiar food...

Ingredients for Dumpling "Experimental"

Step by step instruction of cooking Dumpling "Experimental"

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Knead the dough. To do this in the sifted flour pour into ice water, add 0.5 teaspoon of salt, one egg and mix well. Leave the dough for thirty minutes under cling film to reach.

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In minced meat add the scrolled onion, milk, salt, pepper to taste, and put it in the freezer for five minutes to when modeling the milk is not leaking out and not hurt us.

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Then I sculpted quite ordinary dumplings. And then I decided to make one giant)))) To do this, roll out the dough, took the largest diameter of the plate and cut a circle.

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Well, do not boil it! To experiment, so the full program! I decided to bake)))) For this I mixed the cream with the tomato. pasta, salt, and added seasonings. Put the dumpling in shape, filled with cream. The oven warmed up to 180 and sent the dumplings back for 20 minutes.

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Then sprinkled it with grated cheese and left to reach in the oven for another 20 minutes.

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Bon appetit)))