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Burgers "Rapture"


Seafood is very healthy, but not everyone loves them. I offer the option of burgers that use chicken fillet and squid, which are not felt. Very tasty, tender and juicy. Do not judge strictly, cooked for the first time. And the result exceeded all expectations. Highly recommend

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Ingredients for Burgers "Rapture"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Burgers "Rapture"

Step 1

Take the large chicken fillet and carcass squid (if not shelled, cleaned). Wash and spread on paper towel to dry

Step 2

Grind meat and squid meat.
You can also add a fish fillet (all in equal proportions)

Step 3

Finely chop the onion and add to meat mixture. Salt, pepper and thoroughly kneaded (eggs do not need to add!)

Step 4

Clean sweet pepper, remove the core and cut in half

Step 5

On each half of the pepper, spread the stuffing in the chops

Step 6

Beat the eggs in one plate. In another mix the breadcrumbs with the spices (you can without). A well-prepared cutlets dipped in eggs from all sides, and then in breadcrumbs (the breadcrumbs carefully, because the pepper they do not stick). Fry cutlets in vegetable oil

Step 7

Here they are rosy-cheeked beauties. Serve with fresh vegetables and greens.