Pechenocna "Golden fall"

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The liver is a real storehouse of vitamins, iron, copper and other nutrients... when the Windows autumn weather, so I want something warm...soft.. and delicious...and not sure it should be a piece of delicious pie or cake... you can taste maaliskuu portion of this tender pechenochki with mushrooms and cream sauce and life will once again be the bright colors...You look out the window and there'll be no more grayness and drizzling rain...for Windows like the hand of a mysterious artist painted a disturbing picture of autumn.. THANK you very much!!! FAVORITE COOK for a DELIGHTFUL GIFT.. now vitamin juice will be a constant companion our table

Ingredients for Pechenocna "Golden fall"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pechenocna "Golden fall"

Шаг 1

Fry in olive (or vegetable) oil chopped onion and chopped mushrooms until light brown colour

Шаг 2

Now turn pechenochki..
you need to take the frozen cake, thaw slightly (e.g. in the microwave) to the point that you could cut it with a knife, but it is not collapsing and "never" cut into pieces with a thickness somewhere in the 1 see

Шаг 3

Pechenocna spread in the baking dish, between each piece put fried mushrooms

Шаг 4

Pour the sauce (you can top a bit extra salt)
and cook in a preheated 200C oven for 40 minutes

Шаг 5

Then sprinkle all with grated cheese and sent for another for 20 minutes to languish in duhovochku (of course, the cooking time I give approximately, as all oven are different and in completely different ways preparing the same dish)

Шаг 6

Take up the spatula and spread pechenocna plates...

Шаг 7

Pleasant to You of appetite! :)

PS the dish is delicious to eat and hot... or cold..