Chocolate slotki

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The first time I prepared in anticipation of the arrival of the parents, wanted to surprise... turned out =) tasty puff buns with chocolate paste pleased the whole family!

Ingredients for Chocolate slotki

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate slotki

Шаг 1

I used ready puff pastry, twisted into a roll =)

Шаг 2

pre-thawed dough roll out and cut into 12 roughly equal squares (of course, I can his way)

Шаг 3

in one box put chocolate paste,
on the first make cuts and splice it with the first

Шаг 4

beat the egg and smear it on buns, then sprinkle with sugar, because the dough in the composition does not matter :)
protiven grease with butter and put on him our work (I have a sheet very small and barely fit)

Шаг 5

put in preheated to 175-200 degree oven,
bake for 40-50 minutes.
As soon as the dough will become Golden brown color, make sure that everything is ready, and serve.