Jam of kiwi and Apple

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I continue to experiment with the stove by the book "Recipes for the bread machine". Now, while, switched to sweet workpiece.

Ingredients for Jam of kiwi and Apple

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam of kiwi and Apple

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Sleep all (except gelfix) in a bucket, the stove and put the mode "Jam\Jam"( I have 1H.20 min). 10-15 minutes before the end add the packing gelfix.

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So, the first step is clean and mode kiwi (I cut cubes), apples ( I cut the cubes because I wanted, that would have been Apple slices). Apples can be rubbed on a grater or grind in a blender(then the jam will be more homogeneous).Of two lemons squeeze the juice.
I WEIGHT of APPLES AND KIWI fruit (500g), PEELED FROM the skin AND BONES(for apples).