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"Hurrah! Milk Skopelos!!! Now instead of boring cereals milk will be colostrum!" This is one of the images of my childhood - market milk necessarily boiled, and not always successfully) This dish - either a pudding, or the souffle come from antiquity, the hostess put it in the oven in a clay pot. Maybe someone is cooking it under a different name? Now this delicious dessert can be prepared from products purchased in the shop, and one of its advantages - the minimum of effort. And what a smell spread in the apartment, while colostrum is languishing in the oven - it is impossible to convey...

Ingredients for Colostrum

Step by step instruction of cooking Colostrum

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Our sources - milk, Cup of yogurt, 4 eggs, sugar, vanillin or vanilla sugar or cinnamon. Milk can, both fresh and podcase and coagulated by boiling.

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...after 40-50 minutes on a slow fire our lazy dessert is ready!

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The colostrum is obtained in "two-phase": top - layer soufflé, underneath it is fueled by sweet, fragrant serum. Delicious eaten chilled. Bon appetit!