Bell peppers frozen

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Very convenient, pieces and as a whole. Winter will get a handful of such peppers and any dish can be decorated so that the chef would envy!

Ingredients for Bell peppers frozen

Step by step instruction of cooking Bell peppers frozen

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Bell peppers of different colors wash, remove seeds and stems and cut into small slices, dice and other ways - as you like. It turns out that such a mosaic!

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But you can gently clean the peppers from seeds and freeze whole.
In the winter, got, stuffed, put out dinner FRAGRANT and SPRING ready!

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Give the pepper a bit dry from excess moisture (to keep the moisture in the freezer), about 1-2 hours. Stacked in plastic bags, tie firmly (you can double-bag it) and put in the freezer. Those who have included the mode of freezing for 1-2 hours. All! Easy cooking in the winter! Can be put in plastic containers, but I think packs a better fit in full of the freezer.