Cakes with dates of Viennese pastry

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Those familiar with the Vienna test, you know that its advantage is that the dough can be put in the evening and the next day the process will go faster. And the whole kitchen filled with the aroma of vanilla muffin even when mixing, which would not be when using another test! Offer its own version of pies from this dough.

Ingredients for Cakes with dates of Viennese pastry

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes with dates of Viennese pastry

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In the evening dilute yeast in warm milk, stir eggs with sugar. Combine both mixtures and cover with a towel and leave alone for 12 hours in a warm place.

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After 12 hours you add to the dough soft butter, vanilla and sifted flour and knead the dough. Then, having covered, leave to rise in a container greased with vegetable oil. When the dough will increase in volume in 1.5 times, obtinem and back cover. So to repeat 3-4 times. Try to find the dough to a warm place.

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Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Candied fruit chopped and in a minute pour the hot water.

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Half of the dates mix with nuts and another with candied fruit. I make two kinds of stuffing, because in our house, some civilians do not eat nuts.

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With the second filling did the dough roll out not very thin and cut out circles with a glass. Inside each cut circles of a smaller size.

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On the small circles put the filling slide. And the rims twisted in the form of "8", folded in half and covered this case for the filling. From carefully stung the holes (although the stuffing does not leak).

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Put the patties on a baking sheet at a distance from each other and allowed to grow for 20 minutes. Put in heated to 180 degrees. the oven for 30 minutes.

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The aroma in the house was incredible! These cakes are good for and what not stale immediately on the second day. Enjoy your tea!