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"a fan of Meat with vegetables"

"a fan of Meat with vegetables"

The meat in mustard and honey sauce with vegetables, what could be better!!!

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Ingredients for "a fan of Meat with vegetables"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "a fan of Meat with vegetables"

Step 1

Cut meat in small strips, not dorezaya to the end

Step 2

Eggplant peel and cut into strips, pepper strips, onion rings, potato strips

Step 3

We put the meat with olive oil and laid between strips of striped yellow peppers, eggplant, red pepper, potatoes and onions between two pieces of garlic

Step 4

Put in oven for 40-50 min at 200 g, decorate with mashinkami.

Step 5

The sauce for marinating the meat (mustard, honey and mayonnaise), mix well.