Salad with radish

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I posted this recipe back in April, but without a photo. And then cooked it the other day - decided to take a picture and post, because without it the recipe is not interesting. Remove that, so who made it in KK - go again. And who is not included - I strongly recommend to do it. The taste of the salad will pleasantly surprise, all the holidays, this salad is the favorite of the table, believe me! Very tasty. Then the son was coughing - bought radish to make him cough syrup - radish left and I decided to prepare a favorite salad! Be sure to try!

Ingredients for Salad with radish

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad with radish

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Radish three on a coarse grater. By the way, you can use both black and green radish. Delicious with any. Only if you use green, after rubbing it on a grater need to press squeezed out excess juice.
Chicken cut into small neat pieces, and fry until cooked (can be boiled, but fried is tastier). By the way you can any other meat - cooked beef, pork, if desired.

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The eggs boil, chop. Finely chop the onion and fry until Golden brown.
Cook rice to be loose (sometimes the rice is cooked garnish remains, that you can make this salad). I this time did not have rice and cook it is not wanted - so I used rice cereal. Just poured boiling water and held for 10 minutes. No one noticed :-D
Begin to lay the layers of salad in a Cup. First part of the rice, mayonnaise. Then the chicken and top with fried onions and pepper

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Mayonnaise, slices of radish, mayonnaise, top with chopped eggs.

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Again mayonnaise, then rice, again mayonnaise and sprinkle with all the radish. Again a little mayonnaise and decorate as desired