Cakes custard Hearts

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No, of course no one this recipe to surprise is not going to, all know how to cook cakes. Just post a recipe for a variant design. Cakes were made for the arrival of her husband. You can decorate them even better, because my imagination is not so rapid as some chefs.

Ingredients for Cakes custard Hearts

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes custard Hearts

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Prepare choux pastry. I think to dwell on it is not necessary, because the dough recipes on the website a great many.
The finished dough otkryvaem from a syringe on a tray in the shape of hearts and put in a preheated 200 g. oven for 25 min.

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This time take a bag whipping cream, prepare them as written on the packaging. I have chocolate cream

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When the cooking time came to an end - the cool hearts - then spread on top of cream on the spoon. And in the fridge. Delicious, tender and beautiful hearts. You can sprinkle with nuts.

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Bon appetit!