Sweet pie "Pumpkin"

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This dish is dedicated exclusively to fans of pumpkin. The amount of pumpkin in this embodiment, the pie is so big that my husband had called this cake Mega Cycloidal. Those who is not a supporter of culinary extremism, can reduce the amount of pumpkin and then the pie will become habitual for the average consumer shape. One way or another, and the combination of biscuit dough, caramelized pumpkin with cinnamon, shaded with notes of lemon, will not leave many indifferent. Bon appetit!

Ingredients for Sweet pie "Pumpkin"

Step by step instruction of cooking Sweet pie "Pumpkin"

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Here is a blank pie.

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After baking. 50 min at 180 degrees (of which last 15 minutes with convection at the same temperature)

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