Bread "pot"

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I've seen a lot of "bread pot", but they usually are baked in the oven. And once I decided to leave it as it is. What can you suppose?

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Ingredients for Bread "pot"

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread "pot"

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Cut the bread in such a way that would have formed a cap.To remove the pulp (you can use it in the manufacture of cutlets).On the lid to make two cuts and inserted the handle of the bread strips.

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To prepare mini-sausages:you can wrap them with a strip of bacon,you can make cuts crosswise on both ends.Fry the sausages in oil.

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Now collect our "big sandwich":put lettuce on the bottom"pot",then mini-sausages and decorate with onion rings and pomegranate seeds.

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Note:you can use any of the patties(if you have time to cook them) can be put in the "pot" skewer(if you have someone to cook),etc, etc. in a word, this recipe is versatile, it saves me very often.