Wheat bread with ..... Apple. (recipe for CP)

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This bread belongs to the category of "sweet biscuits" because a small touch of Apple is felt. Its good to eat with tea, coffee, making toast with butter and jam, but.... my perfectly cracked and soup.

Ingredients for Wheat bread with ..... Apple. (recipe for CP)

Step by step instruction of cooking Wheat bread with ..... Apple. (recipe for CP)

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Downloadable products as you need in your stove. The "native" mode( I have 3h.40 min.), the crust as desired.
Flour first pour only.2st.and in mixing to follow gingerbread(because the applesauce also gives the liquid). I am in the process of kneading after all, even 0.5 tbsp. flour.

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At the signal, pull out and put on the grill to cool.

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Here it is in context.